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first CD

SULFEET has released their debuut 4-track album "Dark Ages". Tracks are: Battle Within, Trouble, Thoughts, Spectre. It very well represents the diversity of the music they play. Sometimes smooth and melodic, and then fast, hard and straight to the point.

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SULFEET - Dark Ages

Shortly About

SULFEET was a S.O.D.-tributeband in the 80's.

30 years later, after 7 years of EXOTO, various other bands, 20 years of metal silence and his 50th birthday(10/2015), Flip decides to put all of his concerns and thoughts in a song, resulting in a multitrack DEMO, "50 Shades Of Metal". He persuades some friends to join him and now, 3 years later, their first 4 official songtracks of many, are available online.